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Marine Surveyors
Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA

Dennis Heine, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor

Immediately serving the Gulf Coast region of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle, to include regular travel to other countries and regions.

Services We Provide

Pre-Purchase Survey

The Most Comprehensive Survey, includes a thorough inspection and operation of all the vessel systems, including Propulsion Systems, Electrical Systems, Fuel Systems, Navigational Systems, and all other machinery and electronics.

This would also include the inspection of the hulls wetted surface and phenolic hull bottom sounding, including the inspection of the running gear and usually (recommended) a Sea-trial.

Condition & Valuation Survey

This inspection is usually used for underwriting purposes. It is performed so that the insurance/financial companies can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk with regard to its intended use and fair market value. This inspection/survey is less comprehensive than the pre-purchase and is sometimes less expensive, depending on what the underwriter requires.

Damage/Failure Analysis (Serving Alabama, the Florida panhandle, Mississippi, Louisiana and where needed for catastrophe team work.)

This type of Survey is specialized primarily for insurance companies, and Nautical Services Inc. has handled hundreds of claims for various companies over the years. Many times insurance companies will hire a Marine Surveyor to inspect damaged vessels, assess the extent of damage, determine the cause of loss, recommend repairs, collect estimates and prepare a repair estimate in addition to the repair vendor's, and if requested and necessary arrange salvage of the vessel. It is then up to the insurance company adjuster to determine if it is a covered loss or not. Also, and if necessary, Nautical services Inc. has the experience and training to provide failure analysis determinations on vessels, engines and components. Similarly, boat owners will sometimes hire a Marine Surveyor of their own to assure they are being treated fairly on their insurance claim.

Nautical Services, Inc has also been active in catastrophe claim work as late as Hurricane Ike and Gustav in 2008, the Missouri ice and snow load damages in 2007, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which included Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, and miscellaneous smaller storms and anomalies throughout the country.

Engine Surveys

Our engine surveys are performed by qualified marine engine technician. We specialize in large outboard motor applications. Diesel engine mechanical surveys are provided by local diesel engine technicians, and we can help provide that service.. Click the link above for more information.

. Corrosion Surveys

This specialized type of survey is a value added service. The corrosion survey utilizes a millivolt reading via a silver/silver chloride half cell to determine the hull potential and suspect accelerated deterioration of underwater sacrificial anodes.

The process involves in the water testing of galvanic current corrosion potential. Tests confirm proper operation of sacrificial anodes (Zincs).

Re-Fit Consulting

We oversee re-fit or retro-fitted vessels, large and small. We monitor and advise to ensure the work is done to the appropriate standards, and that you are receiving quality materials and workmanship that you specified in your contract.

Spectrometric Oil Analysis

Oil/fluid analysis is performed on engines, generators, gears, heat exchangers and/or any component that uses fluid to cool or lubricate, and identify abnormal or premature internal engine/gear metal wear, cooling system leaks or leeching, failed gaskets, failed seals/o-rings, cracked engine/gear components, carburetion/fuel injection problems, previous overheating, faulty air induction systems, heat exchanger failure, and viscosity breakdown.

Moisture Testing

Moisture content analysis is performed using a Sovereign or GRP33 moisture meter usually in conjunction with a phenolic sounding to determine, if any, possible delamination and/or laminate failure and the content of moisture in a vessel's fiberglass surfaces (hull's bottom is dependant on whether it's painted or not) and topsides. This procedure is also used to determine the moisture content (if any) on any of the interior laminates or stringer system.

Sea Trials

Sea-trials are typically a by-product of the pre-purchase survey if elected by the survey purchaser, however, Sea-trials can also be the function of a performance issue or an attempt to correct a performance problem. Sea-trials are usually priced in addition to the survey because of the difference in size of the vessels and engines and complexity of systems.

Other Services Include:

A. DB noise test
B. "CO" Carbon Monoxide testing
C. Thermal infra-red heat readings

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